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Growing Up Too Fast

There are many things that you expect to happen as you get older. Your face shows the lines and wrinkles earned from past experiences. Your hair may turn gray. Life can get more complicated. Relationships come and go. One thing … Continue reading

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My Verbal Trigger

Sometimes a song comes on that reminds you of something from your past. Other times it’s a certain scent. These both can elicit strong emotions and vivid memories. Tonight it was neither of these two that brought me to tears. … Continue reading

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Showing Her Strength

Imagine being a teenager and feeling like you don’t have a home. Your parents leave and go on vacation without you, leaving you in the care of random people you know. You basically feel like you’re having to raise yourself. … Continue reading

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The Balancing Act

I’m not new to experiencing the effects of hormones on the body. After all, I went through 8+ years of infertility treatments. There can be very high highs and very low lows. The problem is, my mind doesn’t differentiate between … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Every so often I meet someone online with whom I have a great connection. There’s witty banter, sweet “just because” texts, obvious intelligence, and even his voice has that manly tone I just love. Right after my divorce, this would … Continue reading

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Curious Conundrum

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I did eventually, but it didn’t happen until almost 3:00 am. My mind started wandering last night because something was bothering me. I wanted to see what my ex-hubby’s new baby looked like. I don’t … Continue reading

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My cup runneth over

I have loved him from the moment we met. I can’t explain it and neither can he. It just is. He’s everything I’ve looked for in a man and beyond. He tells me I’m beautiful and can’t wait to put … Continue reading

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