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The Great Birthday Debate

Tomorrow, two people celebrate birthdays. First and foremost, my niece turns 16. It is hard to believe that she’s old enough to drive, as it felt like yesterday that I first heard her say, “I luz you.” She’s grown into … Continue reading

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Touching Moments

I am very fortunate to have a very good and very understanding friend. It seems that loneliness gets to us all at some point. I’ve found that is definitely the case with me. It turns out that is also the … Continue reading

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My two-step forward

I have been very blessed in the last few months to have met some new friends and become closer with some I already had.  My partner in crime, Sugar (at least that’s the nickname I’ve given her since she’s so … Continue reading

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Driving crazy

Crazy people can make even sane people crazy.  That is so true!! Now just for the record, I’m not crazy…my mother had me tested. 😉  I have however been around someone recently who was crazy enough to infect me and … Continue reading

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The Reality of Wade

What is wrong with me?  I got back this evening from a nice weekend with my husband, parents, and brother.  I got to see so many wonderful friends, some that I’ve known as long as I’ve lived in Texas.  I … Continue reading

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