The Lone M&M

I was sitting at my desk earlier today just working away and I thought how good I was feeling about not craving any sugary treat. Just as that thought crossed my mind, I happened to move my keyboard and saw a red peanut M&M roll out from behind it.

“Well, hello there, little guy!”

How long had it been sitting there? Did my coworker leave me an evil treat? Was he hiding out since the last time I had partaken of a yellow bag of multi-colored crack?

For a quick moment I figured I’d leave it there so I could ask my cubicle-mate if she left it for me. You see, she’s the type to open a bag, eat one, and close the bag. This does not compute with my brain. After all, if you can eat one, why not eat the whole bag?!…or three for that matter?!

I did a lightning-quick back and forth in my head about the fate of that little red devil. A moment later, I reached down, snatched it up, and…I put that motherfucker in the trash!

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