Hurry Up and Wait

Things are quiet. Too quiet! I love my job…finally! Now that I’m working in the Dallas area, I feel like I’ve found a place where I can put down some roots. My boss is a genuinely nice man. My team and coworkers make the commute to work well worth it. The company has some exciting things happening, and I feel like I got here at a really great time. The only downside I’m experiencing right now is that I have almost nothing to do here all day. I’d been at work about 45 minutes and was completely caught up. I’ve actually been WISHING for someone to come by and ask me to do something. For me, there’s nothing worse than being bored at work. What’s making this even more difficult is that I’ve been waiting to hear some news from someone since last Friday, and my patience is running thin.

As I mentioned, my commute can be quite…ummm…challenging. Yeah, let’s use that word. I drive approximately 36 miles one way which puts me in rush hour traffic both to and from work. This usually takes at least an hour in each direction. I’m sure most people are like me and prefer to avoid traffic like the plague, so imagine my excitement to possibly be able to cut that from 1+ hours to no more than 20 minutes. That’s the news I’m waiting for right now.

I found a decent apartment in a decent area at a decent price, which is a combination VERY hard to come by up here. I put in the application on Friday afternoon, and here it is THURSDAY and I still have not heard any official word back. I know their office is closed on Sunday. Fine. I was told I should hear back on Tuesday at the latest. Fine. I called yesterday morning, as I’m worried that there’s something wrong and they’re trying to figure out how to break the news to me that I was declined. (With a credit rating of 830+, I doubt that’s the case.) Turns out that the lady who was supposed to process the application and then put it on her manager’s desk left sick on Tuesday. She called me today and needs to verify my previous rental verification and also needs a copy of my ID and proof of income. I took care of all of it immediately, so hopefully that moved things along for her.

And now I wait. Again.

It’s just about lunch time and I’ve had nothing to do all morning with the exception of helping a friend who is looking for a job. If time would just move a little faster so I can get some answers, that would be great! Anyone know how to speed up the clock just a little?

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1 Response to Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Glad to see you landed something good for you. And glad to see a new post.


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