Questioning Existence

Do you ever just question your own existence? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What should I be doing with my life? These have been constant lately. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about ending my existence or anything. That is the furthest thing from my mind. I just feel lost. I feel like I have no zest for life. I have no direction. I feel a bit like Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love.” Hell, I’m so bored with my job right now that I’m actually sitting here writing this blog because I have nothing else to do. I want to be challenged and look forward to going to work. I want to marvel in my surroundings both professionally and personally.

My brother is coming in this evening for a race we’re running tomorrow morning. I’m going to talk with him about this and get his input. Once he leaves on Sunday, I’m going to get my resume updated and posted online. I’m going to research getting a new laptop as well. The one I have is on its last leg and needs to be updated.

This is the year that everything will change. It has to! I can’t keep doing the same thing I’ve done all these years. My lease is up in November, and I’ll get my lease renewal in September. My goal is to have all this figured out by the end of July so I can start making plans. Let the games begin!

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