Done and Done!

Ever just feel defeated? In the last 2 1/2 weeks the following has happened:

  • I was dating a guy who not only ended up having severe PTSD, but he lied about how long he’s been here when he told me a month. Turns out a very good friend of mine had the extreme displeasure of dating him from November of last year until March. She lost a lot of friends because of him and said he can become violent. On top of this, she confirmed he was seeing someone else while he was seeing me.  
  • A very dear friend of the family passed away unexpectedly, and I attended his funeral. 
  • I had a meltdown at work, and, due to the above issues, accidentally “shot the messenger.” I immediately felt bad about it and had planned to talk to him as it wasn’t his fault. Before I could, my asshole boss had to give me a “talking to,” making me feel worse. 
  • I made plans with friends on Wednesday and every one of them flaked on me. 
  • I made a date for today, and he all but vanished. 
  • I made plans for sushi with a girlfriend for tonight instead, but upon leaving work, I got caught in a hail storm followed by a light at a major intersection flashing red. This turned my commute home into an hour and a half drive…and no sushi. 
  • I got a text from a FWB earlier today and we made plans given that the asshole I had a date with bailed. About the time he would have headed my way, he texted me to tell me he wasn’t feeling well and would have to do it another time. This, of course, was after I showered, shaved, and cleaned my place up.

Fuck this shit! I’m so done!

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