Dating Rx

I recently started seeing someone. When I say recently, I mean as of exactly one week ago today. We’ve talked or texted every day and actually saw each other three times last week. It seems we’re off to a good start. Sure, with every relationship there are red flags. In time, some of the red fades to orange, but you just have to decide what you’re willing to look past. After all, we all come with some sort of baggage.

I don’t really have too much experience with relationships post-divorce. I’ve been on a lot of first dates, but they rarely turn into anything more than that. I do my best to let things happen naturally, but I’m learning to mirror my beau. By this, I mean I’m putting in as much effort as they are. If they aren’t responsive then neither am I. The problem that I run into is when things are going well and then I get thrown off by something out of the ordinary. This usually leads to overthinking and me feeling anxious.

This time, things have been going well. We talked last night and discussed making plans for tonight. We even joked about who was gonna text who first. I waited most of the day without hearing from him, so I thought I’d send him a breezy text just to say hi. Turns out that not only had he not responded after an hour and a half (which is not like him), but he hadn’t read the text either (he has his read receipts turn on).

Just as I was about to call to check on him, he texted me back. Turns out he didn’t get to sleep until almost 8:00 am today and is extremely sore from having to remove a tree from his parents’ back yard yesterday. His allergies have been bothering him for a while now, so I guess it’s safe to say we can add oak to his list of irritants. He asked me to call him when I leave work, so that should help snap me back into reality.

As my girlfriends and I have told each other…we can be totally neurotic with each other about the guys in our lives as long as they don’t see that side. If there was a pill for overthinking, I’d definitely need a prescription with unlimited refills!

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