The Boxing Ring

I’m feeling like a boxer right now. That’s the only way I can describe my dating life. I started off almost two years ago with the ding of the first bell following my divorce.

Round 1

I take hit after hit while trying to duck and weave to avoid the next impending blow. Every once in a while I land a good upper cut or left hook (yes, I’m a lefty). After being completely spent, I hear the bell ring. FINALLY, I can go to my corner for a rest. A round of unsuccessful dating has completed.

Round 2

I’m slowly learning to read my opponent (the dating pool). I’m able to evade a hit or two since there seems to be a pattern. Just when I’m feeling confident, my opponent throws in a fake right followed by a left. I did NOT see that one coming. My head is spinning as I don’t know what just hit me. I feel my knees go weak, and just as I’m about to give up for good I hear the bell.

Round 3

My legs are wobbly, yet I somehow gather the strength to stand. I decide to change my strategy, so this time I come out punching. I don’t give my opponent time to react. I’m taking charge. Things are looking up as the round is finally going my way. I can see round after round of this and am so pumped that it’s finally working. Just then my target begins dodging my advancing shots. It’s obvious this round isn’t going anywhere. DING DING!…whatever!

Round 4

As I step up to the sound of the bell, my strategy is to just look busy for this round. I don’t want to actually throw any punches, but rather just keep moving. This works for a while and then time’s up, so I head to my corner.

Round…oh, enter whatever number you want…I think I’m approaching infinity at this point

I basically took a break the last round and gained a little strength. I’m feeling my confidence coming back, so I decide to throw my hat in the ring yet again. Maybe it’s a false sense of hope this time, but even Rocky had his moments. This time my plan is to take this round with caution. Yes, I’m cautiously hopeful. I’m sure it’s going to leave me bruised and beaten, and I’m afraid I’m going to get hurt, but it beats sitting in the corner.

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