Redefining today

For years I was always a part of it, but now it’s just another day. This will be the first time since 1996 that I haven’t wished my ex happy birthday. The last I heard from him was this past September. He texted me to let me know our dog’s body had been found by his brother by the side of the road. He had been hit by a car and killed. That was the last thing that tied us to each other. My ex has since moved in with his girlfriend while I am kidding myself that William will ever want more than what we currently have. I have been incredibly busy lately and also incredibly lonely. I’m trying to find a new job because I hate the one I currently have. I just feel like someone has taken the pages of my life and thrown them up in the air. I’m frantically trying to pick them all up and put them back into some sort of recognizable order, but it’s proving to be quite the undertaking. As with everything else I’ve experienced from this divorce, I guess today is just another thing I’ll have to get used to.

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5 Responses to Redefining today

  1. I love the analogy about the book being thrown up in the air and trying to scramble picking up the pages and put them back together. After a while, when I found that there pages missing or torn or lost, I realised that I needed to wrote a new book.


  2. Gede Prama says:

    I am happy to read it. Have a beautiful day 🙂


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